Agile China 2009 2

Posted by Conrad Benham on September 02, 2009

For those who are unaware, Agile China is once again coming up. This two day event being held in Beijing in early September promises a strong cast of Agile leaders including Kent Beck and Dave Thomas. The agenda promises a nice lineup of presentations covering a number of topics: Agile adoption experience reports, future trends of Agile, self-organisation within teams and assessment of business impact of Agile.

The event is being held on Friday September 11th and Saturday 12th 2009. For more information check out the Agile China 2009 website out (English can be found here).


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  1. Jonathan Buford Thu, 03 Sep 2009 10:16:31 UTC

    Hrm, same day as Barcamp.

    Looks like a good program lineup.

  2. Exchange Mon, 20 Sep 2010 10:49:50 UTC

    “Agile China 2009” will be a two-day and one-evening conference with more than 20 sessions. There will be rich topics in Agile practice and adoption, Agile tools application, Agile team and project management, Agile education and training, etc. With a theme of “Pragmatic Agile”, the conference will invite speakers not only from Agile consulting companies, but also from Agile practice companies, including five or more international speakers. The total number of attendees is expected to be 400.