Next meetup & presentation – fresh from QCon Beijing 1

Posted by steve on April 19, 2009

Earlier this month Steven Mak gave this presentation at the QCon conference in Beijing and having used that as a warm-up he is now ready to present Acceptance Test Driven Development to Agile Hong Kong:

Testing has always been the core part in software development but now it is no longer merely a tool for verification. Agile software development emphasizes “Quality Built In” and Acceptance Tests are becoming part of the requirement specification and the medium for customer collaboration. Acceptance Test Driven Development provides the methods for ensuring quality through customer collaboration. This talk will introduce the concept of ATDD and discuss how it works in practice. In particular, it will discuss two leading ATDD frameworks: FIT and Robot

Steven Mak is an Agile Coach of Odd-e team. He is interested in different parts of software development activities and a variety of programming languages, from mainstream to the very exotic. At the moment, He focuses on the practice of test-driven development, refactoring, continuous integration, and also Scrum. He begins interested in programming while he was in primary school. Later obtained a Bachelor degree in Computer Science at the University of Hong Kong. To pursue better understanding of teams, customers, and products, he earned a Master degree in Business Administration from the Imperial College London. You can read more about his thoughts on his blog.

Don’t forget that pizzas and drinks will be provided before the talk and a small gift will be provided to all attendees!

Pizza will be sponsored by Pinpoint Asia.
Speakers reward for the night will be sponsored by JetBrains.
Location kindly provided by ThoughWorks.

When: 7:15pm, Wednesday 29th of April 2009
Where: ThoughtWorks Hong Kong Office
Address: Room 1304, 13/F, Tai Tung Building, 8 Fleming Road, Wanchai
Map: ThoughtWorks Hong Kong
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