Competition results

Posted by Conrad Benham on January 12, 2009

The final meeting for 2008 saw us rap up with the presentation and announcement of winners from the coding competition. The aim of the competition was to encourage competitors to think about and implement their programs using Agile and XP practices. While it was difficult for entrants to practice Agile to it’s fullest, some competitors took pragmatic approaches to this. Some competitors explained trade offs they made in notes included in their submissions. XP, on the other hand was much more practical and was practiced by all competitors to varying degrees.

There were four competitors:

Each competitor was awarded a prize as they each demonstrated different components of XP that were equally interesting. Of the solutions submitted, Alex and Michael’s solutions were command line based, implemented in Java. Steve’s solution made use of Google Web Toolkit. Francis’ (who worked in a team) solution was implemented using Ruby on Rails. Congratulations go out to each competitor for taking part in the competition.

A very big thank you goes out to JetBrains who sponsored the prizes for the night. JetBrains gave licenses away to some of their fabulous products. An equally big thank you goes out to Pinpoint Asia for their sponsorship of the pizza.


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