Open Everything Hong Kong

Posted by Conrad Benham on November 18, 2008

Open Everything Hong Kong 2008Let’s get together and share at the first Open Everything Hong Kong 2008!

Open Everything is a gathering of people interested in sharing their ideas on topics they are passionate about. Unlike other events, Open Everything does not focus solely on technology. Indeed technology may comprise part of the event, however the aim of Open Everything is for people to share ideas on things that matter to them – whatever that may be. Openness is the goal, collaboration is the approach. As it’s name suggests, Open Everything is open to all – the more diverse the group of attendees the greater opportunity for people to open up and share their ideas.

Registration for Open Everything Hong Kong is between 9am and 10am on Saturday the 6th of December. The event itself commences at 10am sharp. The first presentation will be given by a guest speaker after which the floor is open for participants to get in and contribute.

Open Everything Hong Kong 2008 is the first of three Open Everything sister events for the day. Upon close, Open Everything Hong Kong will hand over via video link to sister event Open Everything Berlin which, in turn, will hand over to the third and final sister event, Open Everything Madison, Wisconsin in the US.

For more information including timetable, venue and other logistical information please refer to the Open Everything Hong Kong 2008 website. Please ensure you register so the organiser has an idea of numbers and so they can contact you in case something changes.


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