Does Agile work for you?

Posted by Conrad Benham on May 14, 2008

Thank you to all who came along to the presentation held this evening entitled “Will Agile work for you?”. While the question was never directly answered I hope I was able to provide some insight into what an Agile environment should be like.

I covered a number of aspects on Agile environments including, Team Composition, Team Empowerment, Technical Passion vs Domain Experts, Continuous Improvement, Agile Leadership, Bonuses and Management. Some very interesting questions were raised during and after the presentation. One of the questions was about introducing fresh graduates into an Agile environment. A challenging question was raised around the approach to introducing Agile into an environment that does not readily accept new approaches. This led into a vibrant and interesting group discussion on the topic that explored some fascinating areas. All in all it was an energetic and enjoyable evening.

Our next presentation evening, which needs confirmation, will be announced soon. You can expect the next meeting to be in late June. The next Code Jam is on Monday the 19th of May.

Code Jam 2 1

Posted by Conrad Benham on May 09, 2008

Hot on the heels of the “Will Agile work for you?” presentation is our second code jam. In this session, Tom and I will dust off the projector and give a short demonstration on pairing with particular focus given to Test Driven Development. We’ll also try working under time constrained mini-iterations. Duly, we’ll supply the problem specification on the night so you don’t have any preconceptions. This session will be good for developers of all levels. If you are a seasoned TDDer come along and we’ll prepare something of a more challenging nature.

When: 7pm until whenever, Monday, 19th of May
Where: Gecko Lounge
Address: LG/F, Ezra Lane Lower Hollywood Road, Hong Kong
Directions: Gecko is on Ezra Lane which runs between Pottinger St and the Escalator. Ezra lane is below Hollywood Road. If you enter off Pottinger Street you will find the lane is just opposite Soda Bar. If you enter the lane from the escalator you will find it opposite the Hot Dog shop. If you have any problems finding it call the Gecko Lounge on: 2537 4680
Map of Gecko