Agile 101 Summary

Posted by Conrad Benham on March 18, 2008

On Wednesday we held our second meeting. There was a lot of energy, it was great to see so many people getting involved!

Tom and I pair presented a high level overview of Agile and Extreme Programming. We talked about the history of Agile, The Manifesto and even compared or contrasted Agile to Waterfall. Many interesting questions came out of the various topics covered. It will not come as much of a surprise that Pair Programming sparked some questions. Questions were also raised around how a team delivers business value when a technology stack must be implemented before development can be started. The concept of spiking also provoked some discussion around what one does during a spike and whether they should be retained or not (Toni’s thoughts here).

Other topics covered were: Agile Planning, Coding, Designing and Testing.

Tom and I would like to thank all that came along for making it a very enjoyable evening and for contributing with questions and comments during the session. These questions and comments make for a varied and interesting meeting.

Remember: if you have any topics you’d like covered or have experience in a particular facet of Agile and would like to share that experience then please get in touch (Contact).


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