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Posted by Conrad Benham on February 24, 2008

Agile Hong Kong is a new group, so it is fitting that one of the first informational postings be an introduction to Agile, related methodologies and principles. Here is a list of books, articles and websites containing information on some of the practices. This list is not definitive as there is much work out there dedicated to Agile – far more than could ever be captured here. The list should be a good start for those wanting to learn more about Agile.

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Agile is an umbrella term that is applied to a family or group of software development practices. Agile describes the practices that are generally applied by other methods including Extreme Programming, Crystal Clear, Scrum Alliance, Lean Software Development.

Extreme Programming

Lean Software Development

Crystal Clear

Scrum Alliance


Project Management

Stories, estimation and planning



Sustainable Pace



Pair Programming


Continuous Integration

Disclaimer: no royalties, benefits or bribes were solicited or received for any of the links contained in this list. No animals were hurt either.


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