Our first meeting… 2

Posted by Conrad Benham on February 11, 2008

Martin and MarcOur kick off meeting was held on Tuesday. I’d like to thank all for coming along and making this an informative and enjoyable evening. If you didn’t make it this time, then please come along to our next meeting (to be announced). There was a good crowd of people, with different levels of agile software development experience. Drinks were sponsored by ThoughtWorks.

Martin Fowler was on board and live for a questions and answers session. Martin answered questions raised mainly around agile software development though he started off with a brief introduction to agile software development. He was also challenged on contentious and discussion provoking topics such as documentation and adoption of agile in legacy code.

While this was the first, meetings will be held on a monthly basis and be announced in advance on this blog and also on Facebook. At this stage there is no fixed agenda to the meetings though it is expected that each meeting will focus on agile/XP. If you have any topics that you’re keen to discuss or are willing to present then please let me know (). All suggestions welcome!


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  1. JoshG Sun, 17 Feb 2008 05:23:58 UTC

    G’day mate.

    Remember to join up the Agile Alliance meetup alliance…


    You might want to set up a google or yahoo group to help manage events, members, etc

  2. Conrad Benham Tue, 26 Feb 2008 17:12:36 UTC

    Done! We now have a presence on the Agile Alliance…
    Still working on the discussion forum…